What Is NCsquared?

The Nashua Career Network Connection, or NCsquared, is a professional and networking group for empowering people in their career and job search by presenting state-of-the-art career and job search skills and fostering face-to-face networking opportunities that will lead to people landing and working at jobs they love.

NCsquared is for any person, employed or not, who is interested in learning about career and job search skills. The group will present information that applies to all professionals, across most industries.

NCsquared will also provide time for face-to-face networking. It is through face-to-face networking and getting to know the people you network with, that you feel comfortable referring someone. The group also is looking for staffing agencies and recruiters to come and meet the attendees.

NCsquared is looking for speaker ideas and additional venues. If you are interested in working with this group, contact NCsquared@netzero.com.

L. S. Trapasso is the Founder and a Board member. The organization is a result of her work with Landmark Education.


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