Light Your Fire and Ignite Your Passion

Have you ever found yourself so excited about something that the energy it generates just seems to pull you along? Imagine feeling that every day in the work you do.

It’s possible. What’s more, it’s within reach! Here is a Passion Primer to help you begin exploring your passions and discovering ways, whether big or small, to incorporate them into your life.

This is how the article Ten Tips for Creating a Career That Lights Your Fire begins. You can find the full article here.

At a crossroads? Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

At a crossroads? Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

If you’re at a crossroads or confused about your life, take time to figure out your passions. Follow the 10 tips in this article, and you’ll be well on your way to living a life you love. Don’t be stuck!

Think about everything you’ve enjoyed in your life, from when you were a kid until today. What was it that excited you? What makes it a strong memory?

Explore the items you’ve discovered. Talk to others. Brainstorm. What did you learn about yourself and your passions? If there are obstacles, remove them by understanding them. We make so many assumptions in life, and add meaning to so many things, that these obstacles may only be in our minds, and not real at all.

Find people who can inspire you and who will listen to you on your journey. Having this kind of support is key to getting there.

Learn how you define success and failure. What you thought as a young adult may be different than what you think now. And plays a factor in your happiness with life.

Find Your Destination. Image courtesy of anankkml /

Find Your Destination. Image courtesy of anankkml /

Make a plan, commit to doing it, and do it now! There will always be circumstances that we believe are in our way. Don’t let that stop you – do something immediately, even a small task,  to get you on the road to where you want to be.

Read this article and then check out the Passion Catalyst ™ for more information. Just think what you can do when you live a life you love based on your passions!

Note: At a crossroads? (aka Confusing Traffic Lights) courtesy of Stuart Miles at Find Your Destination (aka Destination) courtesy of anankkml at


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