Holiday Hiring Trends – Uncovering the Myth

Now that we’re approaching Thanksgiving, many people searching for positions think they can slow down. “Oh, it’s the holiday season. No one’s hiring now. They’re busy socializing, not hiring.” Well, this is a MYTH that I want to BUST right now.

Go on over to Misunderstood Holiday Hiring Trends to read what really happens with jobs during the holiday season. Phil Rosenberg lays it out plain and simple about what’s really happening in November and December at most companies. They’re looking at the numbers from the previous quarter. They’re thinking about whether they can spend money now or wait for the next quarter. And if they’re waiting for the next quarter to hire, then they’re probably interviewing NOW!

So get a handle on hiring trends during the holidays and put yourself in a position to benefit. While some people may slack off in their pursuit of a job, those of us who understand what’s really happening can benefit from fewer competitors.

Go for it! And take time to enjoy the holidays! You never know who you’ll meet while you’re out there socializing – it could lead to your next position.


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