L. S. Trapasso is a technical writer living in New Hampshire, USA. She is the Founder and a Board Member of the Nashua Career Network Connection (NCsquared). This group is the outcome of her involvement in Landmark Education. NCsquared logo

Ms. Trapasso enjoys designing and organizing information, and works with a variety of authoring tools. She is detail-oriented, user-focused, a team player, comfortable working with all levels of an organization, responsible, and committed to the success of the team. Ms. Trapasso is flexible, adaptable, and able to learn new things quickly – attributes needed by a technical writer to become integrated into the team and to learn the product and/or tools. On writing teams, she has been an individual contributor as well as the writing project leader.

Ms. Trapasso has worked with software documentation, legal documents, instructions, and policies and procedures. She is an advocate of User Centered Design (UCD) and the User Experience (UX). Her experience includes writing a variety of technical documents, manuals, and online help. She is comfortable working with product specifications and interviewing subject matter experts.

Ms. Trapasso uses a “hands on” approach where she uses the product to understand it and also uses it from the intended user’s perspective. This allows her to assess the product’s usability for a particular audience and helps her determine the best approach to use for the documentation that accompanies the product. In addition, this thorough use of the product often uncovers bugs and inconsistencies, and she works with engineering/development and QA to report, solve, and test these items.

Ms. Trapasso’s work covers a variety of software and types of documentation. She has worked on new products, which required designing and creating the documentation set from scratch, to updating and revising existing and legacy products, including creating/revising/updating  graphics and flowcharts.


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