Holiday Hiring Trends – Uncovering the Myth

Now that we’re approaching Thanksgiving, many people searching for positions think they can slow down. “Oh, it’s the holiday season. No one’s hiring now. They’re busy socializing, not hiring.” Well, this is a MYTH that I want to BUST right now.

Go on over to Misunderstood Holiday Hiring Trends to read what really happens with jobs during the holiday season. Phil Rosenberg lays it out plain and simple about what’s really happening in November and December at most companies. They’re looking at the numbers from the previous quarter. They’re thinking about whether they can spend money now or wait for the next quarter. And if they’re waiting for the next quarter to hire, then they’re probably interviewing NOW!

So get a handle on hiring trends during the holidays and put yourself in a position to benefit. While some people may slack off in their pursuit of a job, those of us who understand what’s really happening can benefit from fewer competitors.

Go for it! And take time to enjoy the holidays! You never know who you’ll meet while you’re out there socializing – it could lead to your next position.


Fourth Annual Job Action Day on Monday Nov 7th

Job Action Day 2011 is all about empowering job-seekers to attain the skills employers seek, take charge of directing your career, and be vocal and demand action on job creation — helping you move your career and/or job-search forward.

Check this for information on Job Action Day.

It’s happening on Monday, Nov 7th!

A day spearheaded by Quintessential Careers, which includes expert and empowering articles, tips, and blog posts.

Don’t miss it!

Light Your Fire and Ignite Your Passion

Have you ever found yourself so excited about something that the energy it generates just seems to pull you along? Imagine feeling that every day in the work you do.

It’s possible. What’s more, it’s within reach! Here is a Passion Primer to help you begin exploring your passions and discovering ways, whether big or small, to incorporate them into your life.

This is how the article Ten Tips for Creating a Career That Lights Your Fire begins. You can find the full article here.

At a crossroads? Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

At a crossroads? Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

If you’re at a crossroads or confused about your life, take time to figure out your passions. Follow the 10 tips in this article, and you’ll be well on your way to living a life you love. Don’t be stuck!

Think about everything you’ve enjoyed in your life, from when you were a kid until today. What was it that excited you? What makes it a strong memory?

Explore the items you’ve discovered. Talk to others. Brainstorm. What did you learn about yourself and your passions? If there are obstacles, remove them by understanding them. We make so many assumptions in life, and add meaning to so many things, that these obstacles may only be in our minds, and not real at all.

Find people who can inspire you and who will listen to you on your journey. Having this kind of support is key to getting there.

Learn how you define success and failure. What you thought as a young adult may be different than what you think now. And plays a factor in your happiness with life.

Find Your Destination. Image courtesy of anankkml /

Find Your Destination. Image courtesy of anankkml /

Make a plan, commit to doing it, and do it now! There will always be circumstances that we believe are in our way. Don’t let that stop you – do something immediately, even a small task,  to get you on the road to where you want to be.

Read this article and then check out the Passion Catalyst ™ for more information. Just think what you can do when you live a life you love based on your passions!

Note: At a crossroads? (aka Confusing Traffic Lights) courtesy of Stuart Miles at Find Your Destination (aka Destination) courtesy of anankkml at

NCsquared Is on Meetup!

NCsquared is now on Meetup! Find us at NCsquared.

We are excited about the upcoming meeting – our first one to kick off this new group!

Please become a member and register to attend the event on October 24, 2011. And bring a friend or two. All are welcome, and the meeting is free.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Promote Your Business-of-One

Recently this email came to me from and its CEO, J.T. O’Donnell:

Spend any time watching our CAREEREALISM TV shows and you know how much I promote the idea we are all businesses-of-one. Why be an employee held in golden handcuffs when you can be an entrepreneur in control of your life and destiny?

So, it should come as no surprise much of what is written about launching a start-up or being an entrepreneur can be applied to ourselves as we lead our respective business-of-ones to greatness.

With that in mind, I’m here to tell you as a business-of-one, you need to contemplate being two things. They are being:
A) Transparent
B) A Little Crazy

Bare Your Soul = Be Relatable

Being transparent means being willing to open up to others and be vulnerable in a way that enables them to relate to you. To understand this better, I highly encourage you to read Penelope Trunk’s recent article on BNET where she shares how being transparent helped her save her start-up from bankruptcy.

Go for Slightly Over-the-Top = Attract Attention

Being a little crazy speaks to the idea of exuding a passion for your concepts and beliefs (i.e. being just manic enough it has a magnetic effect on those around you). They see you as unique, but not necessarily ready for nut house. This article by the New York Times explains how venture capitalists chose to invest in entrepreneurs who display this trait.

WARNING: Dosage is Everything!

As you plan out your career path and subsequent job search, I think it’s important to recognize the power of leveraging these two traits. The secret lies in doing it effectively – and in just the right amount. For example, be too transparent and people will be whispering “TMI” behind your back (a.k.a. Too Much Information, for those of you that don’t text). At the same time, act a little too eccentric and people will stop taking your calls, returning your emails, and inviting you to gatherings.

To find the balance, I suggest you use a peer, mentor, or hey, maybe even a career expert (I happen to know a few), that can act as your sounding board and approval meter. The reality is when it comes to our business-of-one, we are so close to it, it’s so personal, we can sometimes make mistakes regarding the best way to present it. And so, while mastering the ability to be transparent and just a little crazy can help your business-of-one achieve great things, the first step is to determine the right amount of both.

I like this message about everyone being a business-of-one.Whether you are looking for a position or already have one, we each are in charge of our career and future. It helps to think of this as a business.

One thing I’ve learned in 2011 is how to share. Not so much that it’s TMI, but enough to move and touch (and sometimes inspire) others. This is key to building relationships and networks. Be honest and sincere in a way that others can relate to you. And note that being vulnerable does not mean being weak. Vulnerability is exposing and showing the real you to others, while weakness refers to lacking power.

Image: Master isolated images /

Stand Out From the Crowd by Master isolated images /

Everyone is crazy sometimes, but being passionate about your beliefs and what you care about is a good kind of crazy. You want to make an impression on others, and being passionate about things is one way to do so. It’s a way to get noticed, to stand out from the crowd, but without going over the top. It can draw people to you, but can also push people away. So take to heart the advice to run things by a peer, mentor, or career coach.

Take the time to consider how you act and what it means for your business-of-one. We can all do big things with some insight and help.

Note: Stand Out From the Crowd courtesy of Master isolated images at

What Is NCsquared?

The Nashua Career Network Connection, or NCsquared, is a professional and networking group for empowering people in their career and job search by presenting state-of-the-art career and job search skills and fostering face-to-face networking opportunities that will lead to people landing and working at jobs they love.

NCsquared is for any person, employed or not, who is interested in learning about career and job search skills. The group will present information that applies to all professionals, across most industries.

NCsquared will also provide time for face-to-face networking. It is through face-to-face networking and getting to know the people you network with, that you feel comfortable referring someone. The group also is looking for staffing agencies and recruiters to come and meet the attendees.

NCsquared is looking for speaker ideas and additional venues. If you are interested in working with this group, contact

L. S. Trapasso is the Founder and a Board member. The organization is a result of her work with Landmark Education.